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SepT 9 - 15

Supporters of the Fair

The North Alabama State Fair wishes to thank the following state and local agencies, as well as the general community for their continuing support:

County Extension Services & Individual Department Superintendents

The Superintendents have worked long and hard in putting the Agricultural, Livestock and community Exhibits together. Without them the exhibits would not have been possible.

The Cities of the Schoals Area Police, Fire, and Sheriff's Departments

For their cooperation and contribution toward making NASF a successful fair.

The Citizens of Our Entire Four-County Area and Many Surrounding Counties

The North Alabama State Fair, Inc. pays tribute to our citizens for their fine support of the Fair these past 89 years. Without such help in all phases of the Fair, there could not have been one.


The North Alabama State Fair gives thanks to the men and women of our community who give freely of their time and talents. We depend heavily on our volunteers and recognize their invaluable contribution to the annual event.